There is no denial that all of us have been deeply affected by the current pandemic crisis. Some people are stuck somewhere, unable to go home because of quarantine measures. Some people lost their lives or their loved ones to the ravaging effects of the virus. Meanwhile, some people lost their jobs just right when they needed to be financially stable to support their families.

But have we also thought of families and children roaming around the streets trying to find way to survive these unfortunate circumstances?

If yes, then we are so excited to announce that we have teamed up with CHILDHOPE PHILIPPINES in order to help them raise funds for their relief operations project called #DeliveringHope. Even at the comfort of your homes, you can now support this meaningful cause by availing our “All About Bibs” sticker pack for only 100 pesos. Ten percent (10%) of our monthly sticker pack earnings will be donated to @childhope_ph to help provide basic necessities to street children and their families.

CHILDHOPE PHILIPPINES is a non-profit, non-political, non-sectarian organization whose principal purpose is to advocate for the cause of street children. They believe the world community-local, state, and national-if challenged, can and will answer out a sense of justice and compassion with a resounding 'WE DO CARE".

There are millions of impoverished children on the streets in the world. In different countries, there are various alternatives for street children but these initiatives are limited. The role of CHILDHOPE PHILIPPINES is to act as a facilitator among the different organizations and bring them together and work with them in defending the rights of the street children.

The primary goal of CHILDHOPE PHILIPPINES is to get the children off the streets by reuniting them with their families or finding a safe and stable environment for them if that is not possible. This is not an easy process as each child’s situation is unique and, oftentimes, complex. Street educators and Social workers go out in teams to reach out to the street children and are often the only ones they can turn to for help. While working towards getting a child off the streets, the Childhope teams work with the kids by offering education, counseling, food and even teaching them survival skills. These teams are the first line of defense for these kids and they need our help.

Together, WE can help make an impact in the lives of street children.

WE can empower them through education.

WE can help provide a healthier and nurturing environment.

WE can let them feel loved.

WE are street child’s HOPE.

Be a street child’s HOPE. Join the #iGiveHope Community.


If you wish to donate directly, you can choose any of this donation channels:

BDO: Childhope Philippines Foundation, Inc.
Account No: 002 630 1027 65
BPI: Childhope Philippines Foundation, Inc.
Peso Account: 3281- 0275 – 48
US Dollar Account: 3284-0667-73
Euro Account: 3284-0699-18
Swift Code: B0PIPHMM
Go to bit.ly/DonateToStreetChildren
Step 1: Donate now through Pay Bills in the GCash app
Step 2: Search for “Change For 100 by Childhope” in Others!